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Sheree S.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all your help. Last night, [my son] randomly said thank you to us for bringing him to Disney and we also heard lots of ‘best day ever’s.

Brittany L.

Brandi originally was helping me book a last minute get away for my husband and I. She was great and provided me with different options within my budget and even included options under my budget! She provided me with all the details taking the work and stress out of choosing the perfect get away.

A great friend of mine then reached out to Brandi and told her that she wanted to surprise me and take care of our weekend. Brandi coordinated everything with her, and my husband and friend were able to pull off the best surprise. The resort we stayed at was beautiful, but super affordable and it truly was such an amazing trip. I have used many travel agents in the past and will stick with Brandi for every trip moving forward. She’s quick to respond, if she doesn’t know the answer she will prioritize finding it for you, and puts a lot of effort into planning the perfect trip for YOU. I can tell she enjoys what she does! She even reached out after the trip was over to ask me how everything went something no other travel agent has done before. A huge thank you to Brandi ♥️

Juliette P 

I know you’re taking care of so much and that relieves so much pressure off my shoulders, so if I haven’t said it enough, thank you for all your help! 🩷

Denise T

As much as I like "research" in general, I find planning and researching travel to be very tedious. If you've never been to Disney, there is So-Much-To-Do! I needed a plan that fits my families needs and desires, without me trying to figure it all out. With the new-ish Genie/Lightening lane stuff... I just can't. Brandi was my go-to because she has experience that even many Disney travel agents don't have.

I've planned Disney and other vacations before we had Brandi. The time it takes to figure everything out is astronomical. And then researching the time it takes just to get into the parks, and to get to your first event... The logistics is a nightmare without her. It was so much easier to just go with the flow and actually enjoy our vacation with family.

The thing I enjoyed most about working with Brandi was being able to show up and relax! She planned this way cool photography session for my son's college graduation. I had no idea it even existed.

What would you tell someone who’s considering working with Brandi? 

Do it! It's not even a question. Brandi doesn't just ask where do you want to go and when. She asks about you and your family's likes and dislikes, ages of kids and grandparents coming along. She really takes an interest in making sure you have the magical vacation of your dreams.

Pam D. 

I reached out to Brandi because I was completely confused about what to expect on our trip to Disney. 

Brandi informed me on so much about Disney that it made me feel much more comfortable going. The thing I enjoyed most was her knowledge and her personality.

What would you tell someone who’s considering working with Brandi? 

That she knows the ins and outs so take notes!

Cheryl Crawford

I’ve never known anyone who loves Disney like Brandi! So much that she was married there!

The thing I enjoyed most is Brandi's knowledge of everything Disney!

What would you tell someone who’s considering working with Brandi?

She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with and will help you make the perfect trip and you will have fun doing it!

Maggie Taylor

Brandi knows more about Disney than most of the cast members! She’s super knowledgeable and kind and can make just about anything happen for you. I have seen it first hand!

What would you tell someone who’s considering working with Brandi?

I would tell others that their vacation is in very capable hands with Brandi. Her attention to detail will ensure that their entire vacation is one that they will remember for a lifetime.

Mrs. Mickunas

The thing I enjoyed most was Brandi's honesty and ability to help me define my vacation experiences. She did everything so for me, it was an effortless planning experience.

What would you tell someone who’s considering working with Brandi?

Do not hesitate to reach out to her. She is nothing short of amazing.

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